Breed Info

The Polish Greyhound is a large, strong and muscular dog, whose outline is much more robust and less fine than that of other shorthaired sighthounds.

In its outline the Polish Greyhound resembles its ancestor, the Asian Greyhound. Powerful bones, compact body, prominent musculature and strong jaws; evidence that the dog was used in the difficult conditions of the Polish climate for hunting not only hares, foxes, deer and bustards but wolves as well.

Eyes are of paramount importance for the breed; their expression should be sharp, alert and piercing. Gait must be fluid and springy; correct angulation of fore and hind legs allows long, free pace both when walking and trotting. The Polish Greyhound is even tempered, trusting, reserved and brave. When in chase, the dog is fast, very agile and relentless; his reactions are quick and ruthless.


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