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ASFA coursing

LGRA racing

NOTRA Whippet racing

NOTRA OB racing

East Coast Performance Clubs:

Irish Wolfhound Association of the Garden State

PHAST-Philadelphia Area Sighthound Trials
GONE-Gazehounds of New England
JRRWA-Jersey Rag racers WHippet Assoc.
MAIGC-Mid Atlantic Italian Greyhound Club
BASHA-Big Apple Sighthound Assoc

Breed Clubs:

Afghan Hound Club of America
Azawakh Club of America
Basenji Club of America
Borzoi Club of America
Chart Polski Assoc. of America
Irish Wolfhound Club of America

Greyhound Club of America
National Greyhound Assoc,
Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of America
Saluki Club of America

Scottish Deerhound Club of America
Sloughi Fanciers Assoc. of America
Whippet Club of America

Registries & Advocacy Groups:

American Kennel Club
United Kennel Club
Pennsylvania Federation of Dog Clubs
National Animal Interest Alliance
U.S Sportsmen's Alliance


Make Peace With Animals/Greyhound Adoption
Adopt A Greyhound/The Greyhound Project

Commercial sites:

Shot On Site Photography
Steve Surfman Photography

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