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Download a copy of the Hortaya Borzaya Studbook.

The Chart Polski Association of America

Visit the Mulczynski's Chart Polski Site

Visit Lisa Pinto's Photo Album, great photo resource for Chart Polski!

Celerrimus Kennel in Poland

Visit Nina's Bassebastioni site

Chart Polski in Finland

Chart Polski in Germany

Visit Ruth Kettrup and Cygan

Mythago Chart Polski

Arcturus Chart Polski

Jan Croft's Chart Polski pedigree database

Early history of the Chart Polski.

Contemporary history of the Chart Polski.

Chart Polski in the works of Juliusz Kossak, a 19th century Polish painter.

Sites about Racing and Coursing:

Austrian Racing site.

Lehigh Valley Coursing Club.

NOTRA Website.

ASFA Website.

Make Peace With Animals/Greyhound Adoption

Adopt A Greyhound/The Greyhound Project

European Dog site

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